History of LCC

Steve's tips on running and calling

CALLING: The striker calls for a ball hit in front of the wicket The non-striker calls for a ball hit behind. After the first run, it is for the man running into danger (normally to the wicket-keeper’s end) to call.

    1. NO ALWAYS MEANS NO (from either batsman) – whoever is supposed to do the calling .
    2. There are only three calls, all of which should be shouted: YES NO WAIT ‘wait on’ is meaningless; ‘wait there’ really means no and is thus ambiguous; ‘not now’ (later, perhaps?) is merely an admission of incompetent calling. A perhaps unexpected call (eg. NO after second thoughts, or YES for very cheeky run) should be very loud indeed.
    3. WAIT means: go as far as you possibly can out of your crease but can get back if the fielder throws down the stumps. The caller should call WAIT almost immediately after the ball is played – for action, see above – followed by either YES or NO. The non-striker should reckon to back up 7 yards.
    4. Do not commit yourself to a run until the caller has called YES. Follow these rules and you will virtually never be run out (nor will you run out anybody else); your individual score and the team’s score can be doubled by good running between the wickets. It’s also something that anybody can do well – however good or bad his batting may otherwise be.

2016 Awards

The annual awards were presented at the Club Dinner, photos can be seen here and the all important club averages for the 2016 season, courtesy of Sheila's wonderful scoring can be found here.

  1. Best bowling figures, Dave Banks
  2. Best bowling average, Dave Banks
  3. Best batting average, Steve Brooker
  4. Highest batting score, Danny Berkley
  5. Catching award, Danny Berkley
  6. All rounder award, Ian Rawnsley
  7. Chairman's award, Alex Burford
  8. Duck Award, Steve Sands
  9. Best scorer, Sheila Portsmouth
  10. Clubman award, Graham Dale
  11. Doubles snooker award, Dave Burford and Kieran Nash

Lavant players fined 12d for playing cricket on Sunday

In 1628 the Archbishop's Peculiar Court fined ten East Lavant men, one of them a systematic adulterer to boot, 12d (5p in today's money) for playing cricket instead of going to church. The players had to make a public confession in front of the vicar, churchwardens and congregation. Full details of this and other transgressions of men playing cricket on Sunday in and around Chichester can be found here.

Lavant Win Plate Final at Hove, September 1989

On 21st September Lavant won the Derek Johnson Plate in the Selsey Village Championships at the County Ground in Hove when they beat Exeter Cavaliers by 16 runs. The Burford brothers, who are still playing for Lavant, were part of the winning team ably supported by the Drinkwater family. The press cutting can be seen here.