Fixture List

Date Day Opponent Home/Away Postcode Time Notes
15 April 2017 Saturday Curdridge Away S032 2HE 1.30pm
23 April 2017 Sunday Newport Gentleman's XI Home PO18 0AH 1.30pm
29 April 2017 Saturday Lynchmere Away GU27 3NG 2.00pm
3 May2017 Wednesday Arundel Home PO18 0AH 6.00pm T20
7 May 2017 Sunday Hawkley Away GU33 6NA 2.00pm
10 May 2017 Wednesday Bognor Regis Youth Home PO18 0AH 6.00pm T20
14 May 2017 Sunday Westbourne Away PO10 8SY 2.00pm
18 May 2017 Thursday Osborne Home PO18 0AH 6.00pm T20
21 May 2017 Sunday Tillington Home PO18 0AH 1.30pm
27 May 2017 Saturday Boxgrove Home PO18 0AH 2.00pm
1 June 2017 Thursday Landbuild Home PO18 0AH 6.00pm T20
4 June 2017 Sunday Old Barn Home PO18 0AH 2.00pm
7 June 2017 Wednesday Angmering Home PO18 0AH 6.00pm T20. Pub Food to follow
11 June 2017 Sunday Steep Away GU32 2DB 2.00pm
14 June 2017 Wednesday All Stars Home PO18 0AH 6.00pm T20
18 June 2017 Sunday East Meon Away GU32 1QD 2.00pm
22 June 2017 Thursday Skulking Loafers Away PO19 6BA 6.00pm T20. Oaklands Park.
25 June 2017 Sunday Salthill Home PO18 0AH 2.30pm
28 June 2017 Wednesday GUD Charity Cricket Match Home PO18 0AH 6.00pm T20. BBQ to follow
2 July 2017 Sunday Gentleman of Bedales Home PO18 0AH 2.30pm
5 July 2017 Wednesday Watersfield Home PO18 0AH 6.00pm T20
8 July 2017 Saturday Ebernoe Home PO19 0AH 2.30pm
16 July 2017 Sunday IBM South Hants Away SO32 2JY 2.00pm
18 July 2017 Tuesday Chichester Racquets & Fitness Club Away PO19 1NS 6.00pm T20. At Priory Park. £5 match fee per person (ground rental)
23 July 2017 Sunday Slindon Away BN18 0LZ 2.00pm
29 July 2017 Saturday Boxgrove Away PO18 0EE 2.00pm
6 August 2017 Sunday All Stars Home PO19 0EE 2.00pm
12 August 2017 Saturday Lynchmere Home PO18 0EE 2.00pm
20 August 2017 Sunday Parham Park Home PO18 0EE 2.00pm
27 August 2017 Sunday Twelfth Men Home PO18 0EE 1.30pm
2 September 2017 Saturday Arundel Grasshoppers Away BN18 9LH 1.30pm
9 September 2017 Saturday Ebernoe Away GU28 9LD 1.30pm
17 September 2017 Sunday DACD Away PO9 6AQ 1.00pm
23 September 2017 Saturday Ferring Home PO18 0AH 1.00pm
1 October 2017 Sunday Singleton Home PO18 0AH 1.00pm